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The Team..

Anthony Phifer, Rainer Ludwig and Anthony Ealy.
Productions by Musicnet24 and HomeRun Studios


Special thanks to the Studio Musicians for their participation in this and our other Projects that we will be releasing soon..
By Three Boy’s in a Box.

Songs Written and Composed by
Floyd Anthony, Rainer Ludwig und Xypie.



I’ll Try to describe these three chararters as best as I can, A combination of County gangster from Charlotte North Carolina A Florida Gator Fisherman and A German Music junky From the Rural suburbs of Bad Camberg somewhere in Hessen..

Floyd Anthony Phifer (FiveO) Grew up it in a Baptist town with a Baptist Mama an that means a Baptist life ok I don’t think I need to repeat it again. In B. Choir he learns and lives the gospel songs of his history that today inspires his Singing and song writing talents that his shares with us today.. In the Charlottes Vill Marching band he improved his musical timing and learned the art of classical music the he intergreats in his projects .. Oh I almost forgot he also had a Assam street life…

Anthony Ben Ealy ( Xypie) He grew up in the Sun Shine State of West Palm Beach Florida and loved two things in life Fishing and Music, the one he loved the must I guess he lives today writing and Composing songs, and yes he also grew up in a Baptist community. That the age of eight he started his search for his place in the music community that he lived in and found it in the Marching and Concert Bands in the Schools the he attained .. And yes the streets of Palm Beach County taught him a thing or two..

Rainer Ludwig ( Red Drums) At Christmas 1967 he got his first cassette recorder (with integrated microphone, oh yeah) as a present. From there it started. With a second cassette recorder he made first multi-track recordings. He started playing drums at the age of fifteen and has been drumming in countless bands to this day. During his first studio works he found out how much creativity could be released there. Well then, he is composing and producing in his own project studio since time immemorial!!! As for his two Baptist friends, the same applies to him: "A life without music is a mistake…

Our Band

Floyd Anthony

Tony Ealy

Uwe Grunert

Andy Etzelsberger

Rainer Ludwig

Tim Ludwig


3Boy’sinaBox: Up’s and Down’s

3Boy’sinaBox: The Cricket

3Boy’sinaBox: Hello Tears

3Boy’sinaBox: Get Back Black

3Boy’sinaBox: The Rhythm of Life

3Boy’sinaBox: Get it Right

3Boy’sinaBox: Fly

3Boy’sinaBox: Good Day

3Boy’sinaBox: Tic tock

You are the one

Big City Light’s

Roll’n Back

No Soul : 3Boy’s in a Box

Years : 3Boy’s in a Box

I’m so Sorry : 3Boy’s in a Box

Hero: The FiveO Crew

Whatcha Gana Do: Three Boy’s in a Box


Global NewComeres Music Verlag and Label

Record:LC 18241
Verlag Nr: 537321
Gema GVL


65520 Bad Camberg Germany
Phone: +49 1520 1706286